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About Site


The site is navigated via the tabs at the left, which will remain in place as you scroll down any screen, and by drop-down menus.

About me:

This will give you an idea of who I am and the work that I do. It includes my background and interests, a brief biography and my resume.


This provides examples of representative lectures I give in geology, art history, religion and culture. For each lecture I provide a summary, which shows what is included in the lecture, its focus, and how it is organized. For each lecture, there are also two images, which provide an idea of the quality and clarity of my power point presentations.


These are the course descriptions for recent courses I have taught in geology and art history.


This provides reviews on tour evaluation forms of my work as a study leader by people who have traveled with me and reviews on course evaluation forms of my work as a teacher by recent students. Generally, these reviews are collected anonymously, although occasionally some people put their names on evaluation forms or have sent notes directly to me.


This provides information about up-coming and past trips. Generally, there is a trip description; a trip brochure, which can be downloaded; a trip map; and for past trips, selected photos from the trip; a link to the trip journal or blog; and link for a trip summary slide show, which remains my intellectual property and which cannot be downloaded. If you click on any trip photo, it will enlarge to full screen with a caption. If you are looking for the photos from a specific trip, this is where to find them.

Trip Photos:

This provides a searchable database of all my posted trip photos. It is searchable by drop-down menus for country, location, and specific monument or feature. In addition, the photos are tagged, and can be searched by typing in the box next to "search". Tag examples are: architectural features (e.g. squinch, mihrab, mausoleum); people (e.g., rulers and artists: Timur, Polykleitos, Shihuangdi); geologic feature (e.g., volcano, fold, fault); art subject (e.g. female nude, still life, Zeus). Again, if you click on any photo, it will enlarge to full screen with a caption. These files are downloadable and large enough to project well in a digital presentation, but not generally large enough for print. I hold the copyright on these photos, and those interested in purchasing photos for publication should contact me.

Trip Blogs:

This provides an archive of trip journals or blogs for past trips. I will only start blogging from trips in 2014, and then there will be a link to the current trip blog, which can be followed by friends and relatives of travelers.