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Student Reviews

Classical and Medieval Art (ART 211)

By far the most enlightening and productive learning experience in my life. Extremely insightful and intriguing. Truly one of the best classes I have taken.

GREAT COURSE. Best art history teacher I have ever had. Very passionate and it shows in class.

I learned more in this class than I have in the last year. I loved it completely. --Garrett

This is the first time I've been REALLY excited about art history. Bruce's enthusiasm is catching. Excellent class.

I had no idea that in becoming an art major I would gain insight into world politics, religion, culture and art. Bruce is a passionate teacher that has me excited about Poly and my major.

Bruce Loeffler is one of the best teachers I have ever taken. His passion and knowledge of the subject are extraordinary. He truly strives for his students succeeding and really learning the material.

I learned more about art, history, religion and artistic meaning than form any other class. I want to learn more!

Renaissance and Baroque Art (ART 212)

There have been three instructors who have profoundly influenced my education more than any other; you Bruce are one of those professors. You are more than a teacher; you are a model for learning, passion and understanding humanity. Thank you for all the lessons. --Russell Shinpo

You are one of those teachers who embodies what education is all about. This course was one of the most engaging and intellectual classes offered in the Art Department. You are an amazing teacher. --Mark Stablein

This teacher is absolutely amazing and I would love to have him for another course. He has inspired me to appreciate art history.

This class has been the most challenging I have taken, but also the most beneficial. The professor is entirely enthusiastic about the material. What an awesome course--just amazing.

Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable professor. He's awesome!

I love this course. This is my second class with this professor and he is the best professor I have had at Cal Poly!

Lectures are very well-organized and executed with high quality images and illustrations. I know very few professors who work as hard to explain the material.

This was one of the best classes I have ever had. I learned a lot and not just about art. You care for this subject and you care that we do well. Thank you for that and for your passion to be an effective teacher.

Excellent! It was a large change from the art history that many of us were used to. Much faster, more informative. I learned more in this class than any other art history class I've taken. You taught us both the art but more importantly the history that makes that art relevant. Thank you!

I have never learned more in a lecture class than in ART 212. Bruce is a wonderful teacher.

Physical Geology (GEOL 201), Fall/2010

Absolutely incredible teacher! Very energetic and clearly passionate about topics as well as helping students understand the material. Loeffler's energy makes the class interesting and sparks incredible interest in the subject.

I went into this course thinking it would be boring and easy, but this is my favorite and most challenging class. I hope to have more teachers like you. Thank you. --Jessie Kain

Great teacher, very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject.

You are by far the best teacher I have had at Cal Poly. I couldn't see how anyone could teach this material better.

I greatly enjoyed having you as a professor this quarter. Hardly any of my teachers actually seem passionate about what they do, but it is obvious that you are. I want you to know that your effort made a great impression on me this quarter and is motivating me to make sure I get a much more broad education than my course diagram provides. --Jared Parker

Thank you so much! You were by far my toughest class last quarter, but the amount of information I learned was well worth the hard work. I can't imagine learning the material any better way. --Gannon Depetris

Introduction to Geology (GEOL 102), Spring/2012

This was by far the most interesting class I have taken in my 20 years of school!

Great teacher, one of my favorites so far. I hope you teach an art history or religion class; I would make sure to enroll in any class you teach. Great job.

You were knowledgeable and excited about the material you were teaching, which made me want to come to class. I thank you for working so hard this quarter; it meant a lot to me as a student. Thanks so much for all you did and all you taught. It was a blast!

Inspiring enthusiasm. Great last non-major course that got me totally interested in something I'd never really thought about before.

I'm a history major who struggles with anything science, and this class has left me looking at rocks wherever I go and very often thinking back to the material covered. I did not think I would enjoy this course, and I did, from the front row and all. --Jack R.

I completely enjoyed this class and am so glad I decided to take it. You are very clear and enthusiastic, and I have even considered looking into a geology minor based on how much I loved this class. I would love to take other classes from you.

Best teacher ever.