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Traveler Reviews

Bruce is Excellent! I cannot imagine a more knowledgeable or enthusiastic study leader.

Bruce was great! Personable, funny and so bright! He made plate tectonics understandable! I would travel with him again in a minute!

INCREDIBLE! I have 29 years experience teaching at the University of Wisconsin, and Bruce is undoubtedly the best teacher I have ever encountered. Geology, botany and American history all at once. Wow!

His lectures on the earth, plate tectonics and volcanism were the best I have ever heard. His lecture about the history of tourism, especially the effects on both tourists and indigenous peoples, should be published.

Extremely knowledgeable about art, history and geology.

Top notch! I would go on another trip with Bruce—almost anywhere.

Bruce was one of the most exciting, interesting study leaders we have ever had!

A truly enthusiastic and joyful leader. We enjoyed time with him and his partner Dan. Very knowledgeable.

Bruce couldn’t have been better. He talked about complex topics clearly and thoroughly. His knowledge is impressive, he’s extremely articulate, and he’s a nice guy as well.

Vigorously exciting and interesting—a real wow!

A fountain of knowledge on history, art and volcanology—a pleasure to hear his very clear and informative lectures. I learned a lot!

Bruce is probably the best lecturer I have ever heard and he is good company.

Bruce was one of the most exciting, interesting study leaders we have ever had!

I learned so much from Bruce; he is an excellent teacher and lecturer. Very enthusiastic. Great personality—patient, interested, fun and excited.

An excellent teacher, very sensitive to the group, very helpful and accessible.

He is a treasure.

I give him this rating because you don’t have any category better than excellent. This guy is FABULOUS.

Geology at Stanford was deadly dull, your lectures and enthusiasm the perfect antidote! You brought all those rocks, plates, ridges and rifts alive. Thanks, thanks, thanks. –Lucy Harrison

Knows his subject, loves his subject, makes his subject fascinating to others with superbly organized and presented lectures. A pleasant and approachable companion.

Excellent presentations and great to talk with. A big plus for the tour.

Outstanding. Lectures were wonderful!!